Dubai Fish Markets – Going, Going…

Soon it will be time to say goodbye to the fish markets in Deira that we know and love. A true goldmine of street photography opportunities, surely every self-respecting traveller and explorer visiting Dubai must visit.


We don’t know exactly when they’ll close but it’s imminent. Whilst they will be relocating from their current base near Shindagha Tunnel exit on the Deira side of the Creek, they’ll almost certainly lose some of their charm at their new location nearby.

So, if you’re a Dubai resident, and haven’t already visited the Dubai Fish Market, do so, and quickly! If you’re planning on visiting Dubai any time in the next month or so, head down there – It’s really easy to find, and the best times to visit are early in the morning before 7am (or around sunrise).

If you’re nervous about visiting by yourself, or want to learn a few photography skills along the way, or learn about the fish and people, hook up with Frying Pan Adventures and Gulf Photo Plus on one of their Unseen Trails.

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David Benson