Dubai Fish Markets – Going, Going…

Gone. Soon it will be time to say goodbye to the fish markets in Deira that we know and love. A true goldmine of street photography opportunities, surely every self-respecting traveller and explorer visiting Dubai must visit. We don’t know exactly when they’ll close but it’s imminent. Whilst they will be relocating from their current […]

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The Alternative UAE

I’m very passionate about the country in which I live and have spent much of my past half-decade here exploring sights and witnessing life that makes the UAE such a special place. It’s easy to look at the press and consider that Dubai reflects the wider UAE – towering glass skyscrapers and rolling orange dunes. This is far […]

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GoExplore the UAE

Be under no illusion that the UAE is just Dubai, and Dubai reflects the whole UAE. There’s so much diversity here in the UAE that it really has to be seen, explored and experienced to be believed. From towering skyscrapers lining the 14 lane highway known as Sheikh Zayed Road through the heart of Dubai, […]

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